Our Story

Back in 2014, the founders of Duke Royalty had one thing in common – a keen awareness that the rapidly developing Canadian royalty financing market was providing a solution for business owners and investors that did not materially exist outside of North America. Drawing on 15 years of experience bringing successful Canadian ideas to the UK market, Neil Johnson had the ardent belief that business in Europe could greatly benefit from this Canadian solution, and along with colleague Charlie Cannon-Brookes, they developed the answer. The business partners wanted to bring an even better royalty model to the European stage rather than just create another competitor in the Canadian royalty market. They put their collective expertise to work, amassed a broader group of financial executives and royalty experts, and additionally lowered fixed costs through an efficient corporate structure and exclusive deal alliances that are designed to deliver optimised results in proprietary deal flow and better due diligence. In 2015, Duke Royalty was born.

Duke Royalty brings this Canadian-born financing solution to UK investors who were not previously exposed to royalties. Through our tax efficient structure and exclusive partnerships, we lower the cost of capital for companies seeking capital, and can deliver robust returns to shareholders.  Royalties Reinvented.

We invite you to contact us to introduce our solutions and discuss how we might help you accelerate your business growth, unlock value or simply realise your business potential – all the while maintaining your control.  Receive Capital, Retain Control.



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