Royalty Finance

Receive capital, Retain control.

Our capital empowers you to focus on your long term business goals without giving up control or diluting ownership. Duke Royalty provides capital to companies in exchange for rights to a small percentage of future revenues. Our criteria focuses on intellectual property assets and stable, cash flowing businesses.


We believe great businesses should stay in the hands of those who built them.

We work with established, profitable businesses that, with capital, have the ability to unlock value. Duke Royalty partners with businesses that are run by committed leaders and managers with a long term view and who are not interested in selling in the short to mid-term.


Benefits over equity:

  • Ownership preservation - our capital is non-dilutive, no board seats are taken, you continue to own and control your company.
  • Access to public investors - without the expense, disclosure and dilution of an IPO. Duke Royalty is the first company with diversified royalty investment policy quoted in the UK.
  • Aligned objectives to drive success - you continue to act in your company's best interests, no pressure for an exit or liquidity event, no focus on short-term profit maximisation.


Benefits over debt:


  • Variable payment structure - distributions fluctuate with your revenue, no repayment of principal at end of life of royalty, term is extended over many number of years.
  • Covenant-light capital - less restrictive than debt, collateral package less intrusive than debt, can subordinate to senior debt and no personal guarantees.
  • Streamlined deal execution - faster due diligence and approval process.
  • A new channel of financing - can be made available in situations where traditional forms of debt are difficult to obtain. 








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