Receive capital, Retain control.

Duke invests capital in profitable, long-term businesses. We offer a minimally dilutive solution that enables management teams to retain control and focus on growing their business without re-financing risk. We provide capital in exchange for interest distributions that fluctuate with future revenues and are truly aligned to our royalty partners. The distribution payable is reset annually, subject to a ceiling and a floor, according to your revenue performance.

Royalty Finance provides the key to becoming the master of your own business destiny.

The global pandemic has dealt yet another blow to business in general, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in particular.

Even at the beginning of the year, the level of indebtedness across this community was untenable. To make matters worse, recent research has highlighted that a quarter of a million companies are at risk of collapsing under £35bn ($44bn) of unsustainable debt taken on during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is foreboding, to say the least.

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Benefits over equity

Control Ownership Preservation

For business owners, we provide a minimally dilutive solution, we may not take a seat on your Board, and you continue to own and control your company

A Passive, Long-Term Funding Partner

No pressure for an exit or liquidity event, no focus on short term profit maximisation. We provide capital in return for a percentage of revenues on a term of 30+ years

Control Over Any Refinancing Timing

No pressure for an exit or liquidity event, no focus on short term profit maximisation. We provide capital in return for a variable distribution on a term of 30+ years

Alignment of Interests

The business owner teams up with a financing provider that allows them to retain control of their business, drive growth and increase shareholder value

Benefits over debt

Risk Shared on Future Performance

Distributions are reset annually based on the revenue performance of the business, and the change is subject to a cap and floor

Light Amortizing Capital

There is no repayment of principal at the end of the royalty's life as this has amortized over the 30+ year term

Follow-On Financings

We are a partner to your business and our listing on the London Stock Exchange means that we can provide an ongoing source of capital which can be made available in situations where traditional forms of debt are difficult to obtain

No Refinancing Risk

There is never a large principal repayment we dictate; you control the timing of the refinancing event

Investment Criteria
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